3D Services


We can provide high quality rendered elevation views from any desired angle developed from CAD files (.dwg`s and other) using actual materials and finishing as client provides with instructions, descriptions and CAD, PDF or other files formats. Output resolution can be adjusted for web publishing, brochure printing or hoarding boards.


Presentation of both residential and commercial property interiors. This includes all details, including furniture, fittings etc…Different lighting conditions or furniture plan made under clients request. Interior Designers are welcome to work with us on  adjusting and rearranging to achieve desired `feeling` of the interior. You are welcome to see some great interior images in our portfolio section.


Animation is a computer generated rendered video clip showing proposed development while moving a camera around the property. Depending on what client want to present video can be Fly-Through inside the property, Fly-Over outside or combination of both. Very effective and impressive tool for marketing purposes.

360 Virtual Tours

Views in 360 degrees put together to create a fully interactive Virtual walk. It presents intereiors or exteriors in a way that leaves the user with a real “been there” feeling. Can be combined with Floor plans and other multimedia features to improve the orientations and overall presentation.


Blending 3D CGI model with actual high quality photography of the site will be perfect solution for showcasing architectural exteriors. Final output image will be more convincing and realistic but also can lower the cost as it is easier and faster to take a photo and blend in the CGI model than creating CGI of complete surroundings.


Positioning a viewing point high above CGI models will give you nice aerial views or CGI site plans of developments. Surroundings can be leaved blank, done in CGI or lately, we combine aerial photos taken from drones to photo montage CGIs into photography of actual area (see the photo montage image directly above this text).

Floor/Site Plans

This is a combination of 3D modelling and Virtual Reality, where users can move around a 3D model of your development and explore it interactively, clicking on annotations to find out more about them. In ApLink Visuals we exploring and developing this new technology, making it easier for developers to present and promote their developments to modern audiences.