These Terms and Conditions apply to all Services provided by us, Nine Alfa Ltd, a Company incorporated in England with registered number 10793170 and registered address in 352 Fulham Road, Fulham, London, United Kingdom, SW10 9UH.



In these Terms and Conditions:

“Nine Alfa”, “We”, “Our”, “Us”  means Nine Alfa Ltd, a Company incorporated in England with registered number 10793170 and registered address in 352 Fulham Road, Fulham, London, United Kingdom, SW10 9UH.

“Client”, “You” means the person, company, or organization procuring and utilizing services provided by Nine Alfa.

“Project” means complete endeavour including all contracted services, phases, activities, deliverables, and mutually agreed duties encompassed within a Service Agreement between Nine Alfa and the Client along with any subsequent Variation Tasks enacted.

“Business Days”  means a day except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in the UK.

“Services” means services provided by Nine Alfa, as defined in Clause 2: Architectural Visualisations, Product Modelling and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Proposal” , “Quote”, “Estimate” means the detailed written scope of work, pricing estimates, project timelines, and other specifications documented by Nine Alfa and presented to the Client outlining a prospective services engagement for consideration and approval.

“Work Order” or “Purchase Order” means the Client-issued and signed documentation providing formal acceptance and authorization for Nine Alfa to proceed with the services presented in the Proposal, thereby contractually binding the project scope, pricing, and terms therein.

“Service Agreement” means collectively these Terms and Conditions, alongside Client-signed Proposal or Work Order/ Purchase Order sent by Client, detailing scope of work, pricing, timelines, and other specifications. Together these documents represent the binding contractual agreement governing provided services.

“Variations”  means any changes in requirements compared to the original signed scope of works detailed in Proposal, including modifications to Client specifications, aesthetics, schedule, project timescale, or alterations to previously agreed and approved deliverables.

“Variation Tasks” means any changes in requirements compared to the original signed scope of works detailed in Proposal, including modifications to Client specifications, aesthetics, schedule, project timescale, or alterations to previously agreed and approved deliverables.

Force Majeure” means exceptional catastrophic events or circumstances beyond the control of both Nine Alfa and Client which prevent either party’s ability to perform contractual duties.

“Confidential Information” means sensitive proprietary information including but not limited to data sets, business plans, product prototypes, processes, designs, drawings, digital assets, and other intellectual property or trade secrets with commercial value.

“Deliverables” means the agreed-upon work products, materials, and assets to be provided by Nine Alfa to the Client as specified in the Proposal or Work Order/Purchase Order, including but not limited to architectural visualizations, product models, BIM services, reports, source files, and digital assets.

“Intellectual Property Rights” means all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyrights, patents, trademarks, designs, know-how, and confidential information (whether registered or unregistered), in the deliverables, materials, and any other works created or developed by Nine Alfa in the course of providing the Services to the Client.

“LOD 350” means Level of Development 350, a standard in Building Information Modelling (BIM) that defines the level of detail and information required in a 3D model at a specific stage of the project. At LOD 350, the model elements are graphically represented as specific assemblies, objects, or systems with precise quantity, size, shape, location, and orientation. Non-graphic information, such as specifications and performance data, may also be attached to the model elements.


We provide the following services (“Services”):

2.1      Architectural Visualisation Services

Our comprehensive Architectural Visualisation Services cover the full spectrum of visual deliverables required to effectively communicate your architectural designs and vision. This includes:

  • 2D Master Plans (Illustration)
  • 3D Master Plans
  • 2D Site Plans
  • 3D Aerial Site Plans
  • 2D Floor Plans (Illustrative)
  • 2D Floor Plans (Architectural)
  • 2D CAD drawings
  • 3D Floor Plans
  • Interior CGIs
  • Exterior CGIs
  • Photomontages
  • 360 Virtual Walks
  • Sequential Visualisations
  • Videos
  • VR Visualisations

2.2      Product Modelling Services

Our Product Modelling Services offer a comprehensive suite of deliverables designed to showcase your products in the best possible light:

  • Product Image on white background
  • Product Image In Situ
  • 360 Rotation Video
  • Ortographic Drawing
  • Exploded Ortographic Drawing
  • Promotional Lifestyle Video
  • 3D Product Model File
  • 3D Model Optimisation for AR & VR
  • 3D Model Optimisation for BIM
  • 3D Sample Print

We also offer carefully curated bundles that combine our most sought-after deliverables, ensuring the clients receive the best value for their investment.

2.3         Building Information Modelling – BIM

We offer BIM services up to LOD 350. Our wide range of BIM deliverables includes:

  • 3D BIM Model
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations And Sections
  • Schedules And Quantities
  • 3D Views And Renderings
  • Coordination And Clash Detection Reports
  • Construction Documents
  • Data And Information Exports


The following steps outline the workflow and responsibilities of both Nine Alfa and the Client throughout the project lifecycle:

3.1      Questionnaire

Nine Alfa shall provide the Client with a detailed questionnaire to be completed regarding the project to ensure a thorough understanding of the key goals, vision, specifications, and other relevant details.

3.2      Initial Consultation

Nine Alfa shall schedule an introductory call or meeting with the Client to better understand the overall goals, target audiences, timeline, and budget, and to address any initial questions the Client may have.

3.3      Brief and Proposal

Nine Alfa shall prepare a comprehensive brief outlining the project scope, deliverables, estimated timeline, pricing, and proposal for the Client’s review and approval.

3.4      Approval and Work Order / Purchase Order

The Client shall review the Proposal and sign it, indicating approval to proceed further. Alternatively, the Client may send their own Work Order or Purchase Order stating the terms from the Proposal to Nine Alfa.

3.5      Invoice for Advance Payment

Upon the Client’s approval of the Proposal or submission of their own Work Order or Purchase Order, Nine Alfa shall send an invoice for the agreed-upon advance partial payment to confirm the order and officially commence project work.

3.6      Input Materials

The Client shall provide Nine Alfa with any existing plans, DWG files, drawings, measurements, or documents regarding the property or product. The Client shall include all available details to assist Nine Alfa’s team in reducing modelling time while ensuring the highest accuracy of model proportions and features.

3.7      Project Kick-Off

Upon receipt of the advance payment and input materials, Nine Alfa shall commence work on the project. Nine Alfa shall review the existing drawings, dimensions, site conditions, surrounding areas, product images, and any other materials provided by the Client and begin building the 3D model.

3.8      First Draft

Nine Alfa shall prepare a First Draft of low-resolution visualizations and send them to the Client for review. The Client shall provide feedback focused on style suitability, viewing angles, initial colour palette, lighting mood, and item placement. Nine Alfa’s team shall then work on corrections and amendments based on the Client’s review notes.

3.9      Second Draft

Nine Alfa shall prepare a Second Draft of low-resolution visualizations and send them to the Client for review. The Client shall provide feedback focused on corrections from the First Draft review, textures and colour adjustments, lighting and mood refinement, and improvement of design details. Nine Alfa’s team shall address the Client’s review notes.

3.10    Final Draft

Nine Alfa shall prepare a Final Draft of low-resolution visualizations and send them to the Client for approval and sign-off. If there are any last minor adjustments, the Client shall specify them, and Nine Alfa shall address them. Upon sign-off, Nine Alfa shall commence high-resolution rendering.

3.11    Final Renders

Nine Alfa shall address the Client’s final review notes, make minor adjustments as specified, and then begin high-resolution rendering of visualizations. Upon completion, Nine Alfa shall provide all finished visual media assets as outlined in the project brief.

3.12    Final Invoice for Payment

Upon completion of all delivered visualizations and specified deliverables to the Client’s satisfaction, Nine Alfa shall submit the final invoice for the remaining percentage payment.

The outlined workflow reflects the optimal process Nine Alfa has established through extensive experience on a wide range of visualisation engagements. However, Nine Alfa recognizes that every project has unique needs and will remain flexible to accommodate minor changes and refinements.

Minor change requests, such as colours, object positioning, or similar refinements after initial model approval, are covered as typical finalization polish and will not incur additional charges. However, changes to proportions and shape will be treated as chargeable model variance tasks. Nine Alfa’s models are meticulously constructed based on the originally approved plans and dimensions, and significant structural customizations or additions that deviate from the information provided in the input materials fall outside of the initial scope.

To avoid unnecessary delays and expenses, it is considered best practice for the Client to thoroughly plan and finalize the intended design upfront and confirm it to Nine Alfa during the briefing process.



 Variations refer to any changes in requirements compared to the original signed scope of works detailed in the Proposal, including modifications to Client specifications, aesthetics, schedule, project timescale, or alterations to previously agreed and approved deliverables.

In the event that the Client requests variations, the following steps outline the workflow and responsibilities of both Nine Alfa and the Client:

4.1      Raising Variation Task

In the event that the Client wishes to change the original signed scope of work, Nine Alfa shall prepare a “Variation Task” document outlining the desired changes and associated charges. The Variation Task document will be sent to the Client for review and approval before commencing any additional work.

4.3      Client Approval of Variation Tasks

The Client shall review the Variation Task document and provide written approval to Nine Alfa, confirming their acceptance of the proposed changes and associated charges.

4.4      Commencement of Variation Tasks

Upon receipt of the Client’s written approval of the Variation Task document, Nine Alfa shall commence work on the agreed-upon changes and alterations to the original scope of work.

4.5      Invoicing of Variation Charges

The charges associated with the approved Variation Tasks shall be included in the Final Invoice for payment, along with any remaining balances for the original scope of work, as outlined in the Proposal or Work Order/Purchase Order.


These Terms and Conditions, together with a signed Proposal or Work Order/Purchase Order, describing the requisite services make up the “Service Agreement” and constitute the full understanding between Nine Alfa and the Client procuring the services (“Services”), regarding their business relationship and supersedes any prior representations.

The Client is advised to thoroughly review the Terms and Conditions and Service Agreement describing scope, specifications, pricing, timelines, and other particulars prior to using any Services of Nine Alfa. Formally engaging any Services will constitute acceptance of the related Agreement details and bind the Client to compliance.


Applicable fees and charges for Services shall be enumerated in Proposal formally accepted by Client or in Purchase Order / Work Order submitted by Client. Updated pricing due to required Variations will be communicated separately per signed Variation Tasks.

Accepted payment methods include bank transfer, check or cash payment. All payments must be addressed to Nine Alfa Ltd.

Unless otherwise stated, a non-refundable advance deposit stated in the Proposal shall be required before Nine Alfa commences with work. he remaining balance will become due upon receipt of the final invoice, which will be issued upon completion of the project.

Statutory interest of 8% a year (Bank of England base rate) on the price or services shall be payable on all accounts not settled by their due date. The interest will be added monthly thereafter from the due date until settlement is received. Should Nine Alfa have to instruct a debt recovery agency, or instigate legal proceedings, the Client will be liable for any costs so incurred.


Client retains right to cancel Service Agreement without penalty for any reason by submitting written notice to Nine Alfa within 7 business days following the date of signed Proposal or date of Purchase Order / Work Order. Weekends and holidays are excluded from cancellation period accounting.

However, Client forfeits cancellation rights if cancellation period elapsed prior to termination notice receipt.

To exercise cancellation option, Client must hand deliver, email, or post dated termination letter to official Nine Alfa address or email to . Upon validating cancellation eligibility, Nine Alfa commits to issuing full refunds within 15 calendar days for unfinished pre-paid services.

However, Client remains liable for delivered Services and cost recovery payments before receipt of qualifying cancellation.


Nine Alfa accepts no liability regarding deliverables or outcomes relying on incomplete, inaccurate, or inadequate Client-provided information. Responsibility for conveying accurate project inputs rests solely with Client.

Additionally, Nine Alfa disclaims unforeseeable indirect, consequential or incidental damages beyond reasonable control, including profit loss arising from Services rendered per Contracts.

Neither party bears responsibility for failure in contractual performance obligations when caused by conditions like natural disasters, strikes, acts of war/terrorism or other force majeure scenarios drastically forestalling anticipated execution.

To enable timely claims processing, Clients must detail in writing to Nine Alfa any perceived deficiencies in Services performed within 7 calendar days of discovery, backed by supportive documentation. Complaint receipt is required for formal remediation requests.

This Limitation of Liability does not allow exoneration from gross negligence liabilities or wilful illegal activities provided applicable law prevails.


Nine Alfa acknowledges during the course of contracted Services may have access to confidential information, whether in conversations, correspondence, shared documentation, access to systems/sites granted, or through exposure to product prototypes, data sets, business plans, and other proprietary organizational material not meant for public consumption.

Nine Alfa commits to guarding the sensitive confidential data assets of Client by restricting dissemination strictly only to personnel requiring the information solely for delivery of obligations under the signed Service Agreements on a need-to-know basis.

Nine Alfa shall not disclose protected Confidential Information to any external entities either deliberately or inadvertently without obtaining explicit documented consent by an empowered officer of Client unless legally compelled by governmental tax, audit or investigation purposes (given reasonable prior notification).

All Confidential Information whether verbal, printed, electronic, observational or otherwise shall remain safely guarded while in Nine Alfa custody throughout the engagement term and for a minimum period of 3 years thereafter.


Nine Alfa retains absolute ownership over all copyright, design rights, and other intellectual property embodied within any Contract deliverables, working documents, images, or other ancillary materials authored by Nine Alfa team members or affiliates when providing contracted Services.

Clients are granted an indefinite limited license to directly utilize said materials and items strictly for purposes related to completion of the underlying project triggering their Nine Alfa procurement. However, wider publication, commercial redistribution or derivative works remain prohibited without documented copyright holder permissions.

Separately, Nine Alfa reserves rights to exhibit Client project media like photos in marketing collateral which helps showcase service capabilities, unless explicitly disallowed in writing citing this clause. Promotional publication does not constitute transfer of design rights.


Any dispute or controversy arising in connection with the performance or interpretation of the Agreement or breach thereof shall first be referred to the parties for an amicable settlement. In the event such referral fails, the dispute shall be finally settled by arbitration in London, England. The decision of the arbitrators shall be final and binding on both parties. The arbitration award shall be in lieu of any other remedy. The arbitration proceedings shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales.