We will provide a detailed questionnaire for you to fill out regarding your property / product so we deeply understand the key goals, vision, specifications and other details.

We will schedule an introductory call or a meeting to better grasp your overall goals, target audiences, timeline and budget and to address any initial questions you might have.

We will prepare a comprehensive brief outlining the project scope, deliverables, estimated timeline, pricing and proposal for you to review and approve.

Once you approve the proposal, we will send an invoice for the agreed-upon advance partial payment so we can confirm your order and officially commence project work.

You will provide any existing plans, DWG files, drawings, measurements or documents regarding the property / product. Please include all available details, as this will assist our team in cutting modelling time significantly while allowing the highest accuracy of model proportions and features.

With the advance payment received and input materials on hand, we will start working on the project. We will review the existing drawings, dimensions, site conditions and surrounding areas, product images and any other materials provided by you and start building the 3D model.

We will prepare a First Draft low-res visualisations and send to you for a review. You will provide feedback focused on style suitability, viewing angles, initial colour palette, lighting mood and item placement. Our team will then work on corrections and amendments based on your review notes.

We will prepare a Second Draft low-res visualisations and send to you for a review. You will provide feedback focused on corrections from First Draft review, textures and colours adjustments, lighting and mood refinement and improvement of design details. Our team will address your review notes.

We will prepare a Final Draft low-res visualisations and send to you for the approval and signoff. If there are any last minor adjustments, you will specify it, so we can address it. With signoff we will commence high resolution rendering.

We will address your final review notes and make minor adjustments you specified and then begin high-res rendering of visualisations. Upon completion, we will provide all finished visual media assets as outlined in the project brief.

With all delivered visualisations and specified deliverables complete to your satisfaction, we will submit the final invoice for the remaining percentage payment.

The outlined workflow reflect the optimal process we have established through our experience on a wide range of visualisation engagements. However, we recognize every project has unique needs, and we will remain flexible. Minor change requests like colours, object positioning or similar refinements after initial model approval are covered as typical finalization polish, and will not be charged additionally.

However, changes of proportions and shape will be treated as a  chargeable model variance tasks. Our models are meticulously constructed based on the originally approved plans and dimensions, and significant structural customizations or additions that divert from information in provided input materials fall outside of initial scope.

The best practice is to thoroughly plan and finalize intended design upfront and to confirm it to us in the briefing, so you can avoid unnecessary delays and expenses.